Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Roofing Company Saved My Home From Issues

There are a lot of problems I've been experiencing after I moved into my home. As it turns out, the last owner lied to me before I decided to buy the home, and I didn't take the time to actually get an inspection done. I ended up having to call a San Antonio roofing company out to replace the whole roof for me just because of how old and bad it was. One big problem was that the last owner thought it would be a good idea for someone to put shingles over the old ones, causing it to take a lot of effort to replace my roof.

I had to contact someone that was able to fix the issue for me without too much money being spent. There wasn't a lot of money I had left after buying the home, but I did get to work with a company on a plan that let me pay a little bit at a time for a somewhat nice roof. I just wanted something that didn't let the rain water in and kept my roof from rotting or having other problems. I now have it installed and it looks and works just fine.

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